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About the Bartz Brothers

For six years, we have built an annual snow sculpture as a way to get outside, hang out together, and bring a little cheer to our community—and, as news spread, to the world. Based on frequent feedback we received, passersby and visitors to our Facebook page were amazed by the expression of creativity, by the intricacy of the sculptures themselves, and—perhaps most astounding—by the fact that three brother would voluntarily log so many hours together. But to us, the only real amazement about the experience is that we have the freedom, the resources, and the energy to complete such a task. We have the protection of a safe neighborhood; adequate clothing to keep us warm when temps dip well below freezing while we work; and as many breaks as we want to take, in order to refuel with snacks and water. For several years, community supporters who were moved by our work told us we should erect some sort of donation box where they could toss in a few bucks in exchange for the joy they felt as they drove by, and starting last year, we finally took their advice. Given the sole raw asset of our work—snow—we thought it made sense to have collected monies go toward providing clean drinking water for people in need.

The Campaign

FOR OUR SIXTH snow sculpture, we chose the most fitting icon possible: a fish. Anyone who knows us knows that we’d rather be fishing than doing just about anything else—although reeling in this particular catch, which is just over twenty-two feet tall, freaks out even us. Still, we’ve had a great time carving it out from the pile of snow we began collecting just after Thanksgiving this year, and we can’t wait to see the response it gets.

For the second year in a row, we have decided to use our sculpture as a means for supporting the great work of One Day’s Wages, an organization that partners with trusted groups such as World Vision, Love 146, and Splash, in order to eradicate societal scourges like gender-based violence, rampant hunger, and the issue most relevant to us, the lack of clean drinking water. Our hope is that our creative use of water will raise funds to create available use of water in vulnerable communities in Malawi, Africa, our chosen country of focus. The needs there are tremendous—(according to UNICEF, more than one-third of Malawians have no other option than to drink contaminated water, which of course leads to all sorts of health issues later on)—but so is our annual sculpture’s following. The first $10,000 we raise will go toward this water project in Malawi. The remaining funds will go toward other One Day’s Wages water projects this year. If we band together, we have no doubt that we’ll hit this year’s goal of $25,000 for clean water.

When you contribute through our project to One Day’s Wages, either online or by dropping cash or checks into the collection box at the sculpture site (2777 16th Street NW, New Brighton, MN), you signal your desire to provide clean water sources and education for children in Malawi. It’s a simple step that yields real life change: enjoy our “water” so that countless others can enjoy water too.

If you’re in, then please make your contribution by March 31, 2017. Thanks for supporting us, and thanks for helping us help Malawi.


Austin, Trevor, and Connor Bartz

New Brighton, Minnesota

To check out our previous sculptures and keep tabs on our current adventures, follow “Bartz Snow Sculptures” on Facebook and Instagram.

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