Alleviate Hunger in Syria

World Renew
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Join us and our new partner World Renew to provide critically needed food assistance to some of the most vulnerable people caught in the Syrian war – the elderly, disabled, women, and children.

Why Syria?

Seven years ago, Syria was a peaceful country with a growing economy. When the war began, everything changed. Entire cities were destroyed. More than 400,000 were killed. Over half of all Syrians were forced to leave all they knew behind and flee their homes in search of safety. While many have fled into neighboring countries, millions more remain in Syria. And the situation they face is perilous.

Food production in Syria has hit a record low, and prices have skyrocketed. After exhausting their life savings, many families no longer have the means to put enough food on the table. Proper nutrition for mothers and young children is a significant concern. Every night, over nine million Syrians go to sleep hungry.

ODW + World Renew

This is a crisis that cannot be ignored. Since 2012, World Renew has been working in Syria through local partners to provide food assistance to some of the most vulnerable members of society – the elderly, disabled, women and children.

Over the next year, World Renew will work in four Syrian communities to help feed hungry families. These communities have a high number of families in need and are in close proximity to conflict lines making them very hard to reach and leaving families even more vulnerable to food insecurity. Families will be connected to a local support system and will receive baskets of food each month.

Join Us! 

Join us as we provide life-saving assistance, alleviate suffering, and maintain human dignity for Syrians whose lives have been forever changed because of war. One Day’s Wages will match your gift to this campaign up to $100,000, for a total grant of $200,000.

Meet Farrah

“I used to live in Aleppo with my children and husband but the war was so terrible. All the shells, all the bombings. We stayed for two years in Aleppo but it got to the point where our children kind of lost their minds because of everything they went through. We weren’t able to get much bread or food because there were a lot of snipers in the neighborhood.”

And then one night, bombs fell on Farrah’s home. Her husband didn’t survive. With her children, Farrah fled the violence in Aleppo. Escaping the conflict, they were forced to navigate an unfamiliar world with almost nothing. Even the essentials, like food, were hard to come by. “My 11 and 13 year olds were forced to work so that we could afford to pay some rent and buy food. My kids have gone through a lot of hunger and a lot of problems.”

After finding a new community, Farrah’s neighbor connected her to World Renew’s local partner, who is now providing this family with baskets of food. Today, her children no longer have to work and they have hope for a future free from hunger and war.

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